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About aAECs

Advanced AEC Solutions, LLC (or aAECs as we are nicknamed) is a group of professionals with real world experience delivering design, technology, program and construction management services to our clients. Each of our firm leaders have had experience working in the environments in which our individual clients exist. We understand their today needs as well as tomorrow's and we always respond with a "Client Centered Approach".

Founded in 2010 and building off the previous and new partner's experience, Advanced AEC Solutions, LLC has quickly become one of the best in BIM Implementation, Modeling, Technological Development, and Management service providers in the US. aAECs based in Atlanta, Georgia is a group of creative Architects, Engineers, Program/Construction Managers with over 125 years of combined practical discipline-specific experience. We have been using BIM Technologies since October of 2000 to digitally model real world building information on everyday projects including high rise, medical, institutional, retail and residential.

aAECs has specialized in the mentoring and implementation of BIM workflows and related BIM project management, cost estimating, facility management, and lease management software. As BIM and modeling authorities, we lecture throughout the country on the use of BIM and have covered topics in all phases of the AEC/O industry. Our staff is not simply trained in the superficial use of BIM software; we use the software on extreme conditions within real world projects every day. We have also become known as experienced "hackers" of BIM software and push the envelope to gain the results our clients require.

aAECs goal is to give our clients the tools to become advanced and power BIM users. We believe that we can successfully move your firm forward towards success in today's market. We are truly Innovators of BIM Technology in support of the AEC/O community.


Scott Ebert
Chief Executive Officer

Scott A Ebert is a nationally known AEC/O Industry Analyst and BIM (Revit) consultant with 11 years of BIM experience and 31 years of architectural/FM practice. Scott has been a CEO, Project Architect, & Senior Revit Architect in Atlanta-based software consulting firms for the last 18 years, and is now the CEO for Advanced AEC Solutions LLC, a BIM solutions provider and Authorized Autodesk Reseller.

Scott is a speaker at ACCE, AUGI CAD Camps, AIA, ASID, SDA and AGC chapter meetings and authors BIM presentations for the AEC/O industry around the country. Scott also serves the BIM community by authoring various publications, forums, NBIMS (National Building Information Model Standard project) contributor, and editor of ABUG (Atlanta BIM User's Group) and euroBIM industry website-creator/manager.

Bonnie K. Gorman
Sr. Vice President of Product and Business Development

Ms. Gorman has been involved in BIM Innovation for the AEC/O community for over 10 years. Before she became a BIM and IDP Specialist, she first practiced as a project architect and lead designer. Her experience in these capacities led her to working both in the US and abroad on large architecture and construction projects, such as Sumter County Courthouse, Barrow County Courthouse and Jail, Cobb County Courthouse, the new Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal, Duval County Courthouse; Georgia Tech's new Softball Stadium, West Georgia's new Coliseum, the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, and Georgia State's new football facility to name a few. It was these experiences, combined with a love of software development and collaboration that made Bonnie aware not only of the value of BIM, but also the necessity for architects, engineers, contractors and owners to become well versed in BIM technologies and processes.

Over the past two years she has become a resident expert in BIM Construction Management. Bonnie has worked with General Contractors, Sub Contractors, Trades and Owners to mentor and train them in the proper use and implementation of multiple BIM Platforms. Notably, she has assisted firms such as Turner Construction, Gay Construction, Gwinnett Sprinkler, Acousti Engineering, Jervis B. Webb and a host of other Subs in the establishment of their BIM departments and utilization of BIM in their day to day construction activities.

Ms. Gorman is also is a leader in the development and implementation of aAECs' new software products (tools) and services deployed to enhance the Architecture, Engineering, Facility Management, Visualization, and Construction processes. She has often lectured about the "Wholistic" life cycle of BIM and strongly advocates its use to improve on and augment existing AEC/O workflows from the design stage, through the construction phases, to maintenance and reclamation. Bonnie believes in using new resources based off of tried and true techniques to help us visualize and create better space for the present and for the inheritors of the future.